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K9 TraveSafe Dog Cages

Jesse Engineering Pty Ltd manufacture the K9 TravelSafe™ for the ute or truck driver looking to ensure the safety of their dog while travelling throughout the workday and weekend. No other method offers the securing safety for your travelling dog as a ute dog cage – and the K9 TravelSafe™ is the ultimate dog cage for utes!

The K9 TravelSafe™ is a unique Australian made Aluminium constructed dog ute cage. The K9 TravelSafe™ comes in a number of different standard sizes to suit both alloy ute trays and styleside trays, or can be custom built to suit any ute tray. The K9 TravelSafe™ is manufactured using high quality components allowing the dog cage to be secured and locked if necessary, and the quality latches ensure the dog cage door can not be opened unintended.

The K9 TravelSafe’s Aluminium construction provides rigid strength with the added benefits of being rust free and its lighter weight profile provides increased fuel efficiency over a steel alternative.

The open air design ensures maximum ventilation through the amplimesh sides while the aluminium tread plate roof provides shade, minimising the possible heat stress on the travelling dogs.

And remember, the K9 TravelSafe™ has been designed to give you peace of mind and comfort while driving, including no annoying rattles! We have been locally fabricating canopies and cages for over 15 years – our experience means we know what works and can ensure our customers get exactly what they want the first time, every time.

Our Standard Range

Kelpie & Staffy models

The Kelpie and Staffy models are our entry level ute dog cages for Tub style traybacks. These are both rectangular shaped cages designed to fit betweent he wheel arches of most utes. The door can be installed on either orientation of the dog cage but the standard orientation is on the longer side. Both ute cages feature an over centre latch that is padlockable.

Both these models start at $770.00 +gst.


The Kelpie model dimensions are 1050x600x835 high and weighs approx 20kg. This makes this dog ute cage ideal for single larger dogs or a couple of small to medium sized dogs.

The Staffy model dimensions are 1050x600x706mm high. This makes this model ideal for shorter medium sized dogs.

Both models have a 40mm angle that runs the length of the 1050mm side allowing the cage to be bolted into the tub. Alternatively, if bolting is not an option we recommend using S/S Turnbuckles to secure the cage.

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Husky Model

The Husky model is our entry level large ute dog cage for Tub style traybacks.

This cage is the largest standard dog cage model made to suit a ute with the tubstyle tray. Designed to fit between the wheel arches of tub trays the square cage suits all utes with a clearance of 1050mm. As with the other models it is essential to ensure the intended vehicle has the necessary clearance before ordering, where necessary cages with smaller widths can be easily fabricated.

The Husky model is large enough to safely transport multiple small, medium or large breed dogs.

Dimensions & Features

The Husky model is a 1050x1050x835 high square cage. This makes this model ideal for multiple larger dogs.

This Model comes standard with a padlockable over centre latch.

A 40mm angle that run the length of the 1050mm side allowing the cage to be bolted into the tub. Alternatively, if bolting is not an option we recommend using S/S Turnbuckles to secure the cage.

The Husky Model starts at $1020.00 +gst.

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Shar Pei Dog Ute Cage

The Shar Pei model is the little cousin of the BullArab model, this cage is similar in size to our Husky model dog cages but is designed to go up and over the wheelarches of tub style ute trays. The sides on this cage are tapered to provide a more styled looking dog cage than the square Kelpie and Husky models. This cage is specifically designed to suit tub style trays and not flat/drop down side trays. Our Shar Pei dog ute cages are all made to order to ensure a good fit between the wheel arches of your specific vehicle.

The Shar Pei dog cage is ideally suited for medium and larger breeds.

Dimensions & Features

The Shar Pei model standard dimensions are 1410x750x835 high with a 1050mm base to fit between the wheel arches. While these measurements work for most utes, some will require a reduced based width.

As our Premium model dog ute cage for tubstyle trays, the Shar Pei model comes standard with a keylockable door, Compression lock, and tapered sides. Two 40mm angles run the length of the 1050mm dog cage base allowing the cage to be bolted into the tub. Alternatively, if bolting is not an option we recommend using S/S Turnbuckles to secure the cage.

The Shar Pei model starts at $1370.00 +gst

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Mastiff Model Dog Ute Cage

The Mastiff model dog cage has been designed to suit most steel and alloy ute trays. In the standard orientation the dog cage spans the width of a standard dropdown tray. Because of its size the cage is fabricated using Heavier Duty materials. It’s design allows the cage to be installed anywhere along the legth of the ute tray, whether it be the front, rear or middle of the tray.

Mastiff model dog cages will easily accomodate multiple small, mediam and large breed dogs.

Dimensions & Features

The Mastiff model dog ute cage measures 1700x600x830 high.

The Mastiff comes standard with a padlockable overcentre latch. Due to its size this dog cage can easily be fitted with a swinging internal divider.

The Mastiff dog ute cage starts at $1100.00 +gst

Mastiff Image Gallery

Bullarub Dog Ute Cage

The BullArub model dog cage is the “Styled” version of the Mastiff cage. Sporting a similar size to the Mastiff, these dog cages have tapered sides to match the headboards of most utes with a flat steel or alloy tray such as the common Triple M trays. Because the sides are tapered these ute cages feature “Bat Wing” doors that open upwards and come standard with gas struts. As our premium model these dog cages also feature Key Lockable doors with compression locks as a standard option.

The Bullarab model is large enough to safely transport multiple small, medium or large breed dogs.

The Bullarub dog cage model starts at $1370.00 +gst

Our Custom Cages

Looking for dog cage inspiration? Browse our blog posts to view some recent custom dog cage builds & fitouts we have done.

Custom Collage
K9 Travelsafe

Custom Collage

Some of Our Best This is a nice and quick feature post highlighting some of our favorite custom dog cage builds. Each of these builds will have their own more in depth write up to come but in the meantime view the gallery to see just a small snippet of the work we’ve done.

Why Buying a K9 Travelsafe is your best choice

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    Not all dogs are born the same, some are smaller and some are larger for their Breeds. While we have a general understanding of how comfortable certain breeds will be in each of our standard ute cages, we don’t know your dogs as well as you do. To know what model will best suit your dog we recommended getting some chalk and marking the dimensions out on the ground. Get your best mate to stand in the outline and make sure s/he can turn around and lie down comfortably.

    Absolutely! Just send us your postcode and we will find the best freight option for you.

    Bolting your dog cage to your ute’s tray bed is by far the most secure method of installing the cage. However, when bolting is not practical we recommend using Stainless Steel turnbuckles as the next best alternative. For turnbuckles to work you will need four tie down points in/on your tray so that you can attach a turnbuckle to roughly each corner of the cage. So long as you have four turnbuckles pulling in opposite but downward directions the cage will be held very securely.

    The Kelpie, Husky, SharPei and Staffy models have all been designed to suit most tub trays. However, not all ute trays are manufactured the same and some vehicles do have a reduced clearance between the wheel arches – meaning our standard models will not fit. Before ordering your cage, double check to make sure there is 1050mm clearance between the wheel arches. If you do have a tub tray that’s narrow between the wheel arches, just give us a call and we can quickly make up a custom cage / crate.

    Not a Problem! Just provide us with the minimum clearance between the wheelarches of your ute and we will custom fabricate a slightly smaller model dog cage / crate to suit your ute!

    All our quality latches have a built in safety mechanism to prevent the door from opening unintentionaly. Located on the handle of the latch is a small S/S lever, lift this lever up to unlock the latch.