Bullarub Dog Ute Cage

The Bullarub model dog cage is the “Styled” version of the Mastiff cage. Sporting a similar size to the Mastiff, these dog cages have tapered sides to match the headboards of most utes with a flat steel or alloy tray such as the common Triple M trays. Because the sides are tapered these ute cages feature “Bat Wing” doors that open upwards and come standard with gas struts. As our premium model these dog cages also feature Key Lockable doors with compression locks as a standard option.

The Bullarab model is large enough to safely transport multiple small, medium or large breed dogs

Add-on Features

Our bullarub dog boxes can be heavily customised. Swing away partitions are a great way to divide dogs that don’t like travelling together. Roperails add additional storage to the vehicle while rear facing doors are easier for loading some dogs. Of course, as with all our dog boxes powder coating can be arranged in almost any colour.

Oversized bullarub dog box


The default dimensions for these dog boxes are 1770x600x838H. The cage is 1700mm long but the locks protrude 35mm each side, giving the cage a clearance requirement of 1770 between the drop down sides.

We can also fabricate this dog cage to be the “full width” of the tray to allow for the tray sides to be cut down. Cutting down the sides of the tray does involve some work, but adds the convience of not having to drop the sides to open the dog box doors.

Two 50mm angles run the length of the dog cage allowing it to be easily bolted into the tub.


The Bullarub starts from $1470.00+gst for mill finish. Additional extras include powder coating (plus $250.00), roperail, and internal dividers.

Freight varies anywhere from $140.00 – $400.00. The cheapest option is to arrange delivery to another business address or collect it from a depot. Due to the size of this model residential delivery can be very expensive. For a freight quote be sure to include your postcode in your enquiry


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