What is powder coating…

At Jesse Engineering we pride ourselves on helping our customers get the best results by
offering experience and advice on top of our quality products. So we have the following information to help guide you through powder coating.

First up, we are metal fabricators – not powder coaters. This means all our cages are sent to a local professional powder coater.

The powder coating process requires the cages to be pretreated before a dry powder is applied. This dry powder is then baked in a large oven to create the final coating. On average powder coating adds 5-8 business days to the build time of a cage.

powdercoated pink dogcage

Go Neutral….

Powder coating and automotive paint are two different processes that do not share the same colouring. It is near impossible to get a perfect match when comparing the same powder coat and automotive paint colours. The key here is go neutral! Unless you have a white or black vehicle you will find a better result with a black, white or grey cage rather than trying to match the vehicle color.

The Benefits….

There’s no denying that a powder coated dog ute cage looks better than mill finish. However, as our dog cages are mostly fabricated from aluminium, powder coating doesn’t provide any further longivity or protection. But it does look great – and some colours like black are much easier to see through when looking through the rear view mirror. For most cages & colours powder coating adds approximately $300.00. Oversized cages and premium colours (like hot pink) can be slightly more.

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