Introducing the Bulldog ute cage

Our latest dog box model to join the K9 TravelSafe range. A unique dog cage design that spans the full width of the tub. Ideally suited to vehicles that do not have a sportsbar fitted. Due to the additional width provided by spanning over the wheel arches, these cages are perfect for dividing. Another great feature is the additional storage provided under the cage. Whether you want to stow your dog leads, water bowls or even a small surf board you can without fear of them being chewed up. While these dog cages are wider than most other tub tray dog boxes they do come with reduced cage heights. Multiple small to medium sized dogs or even large stocky dogs will find comfort in this model. However, Great Danes, this is not the best choice for you.

Rear view of bulldog ute cage showing the under cage storage.
Shows the side profile on an installed bulldog ute cage


While the standard depth of the bulldog ute box is 750mm it can be custom fabricated to any depth. Height and total width varies due to the profile of the specific ute. For most utes this means a cage spanning somewhere between 1450 and 1550mm. Both the height of the vehicle roof and the wheel arches determine the overall height of the cage. Since the dog box sits above the wheelarches the height of the cage itself is roughly the height of the vehicle roof to the wheelarches. In most instances this means a cage height of between 650mm-750mm.

Addon Features.

Additional Doors & Divider

Unlike many other dog cages to suit tub trays the Bulldog ute box is a great choice for dividing. The extra width provided by going over the wheelarches allows enough room for an additional door and a partition.

Additional Storage

For those wanting additional secure storage then installing a lockable draw is another great option. Since the cage roof is close to level with the vehicle roof – a roperail fabricated to match the height of the vehicle’s racks porivdes more options.


As with all our dog cages powder coating further enchances these dog boxes. All cages are sent to professional powder coaters that apply the appropriate pretreatment and coating. Our powdercoaters of choice stocks both the Dulux & Interpon color ranges and leadtime is around a week.

Bulldog model dog cage with a draw installed under the cage


The Bulldog model starts at $1570.00+gst for a mill finish cage. On average powdercoating adds $250.00 to the cost. Freight varies anywhere from $190.00 – $500.00. The cheapest option is to arrange delivery to another business address or collect it from a depot. Due to the size of this model residential delivery can be very expensive. For a freight quote be sure to include your postcode in your enquiry


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