No wasted space with this ute dog cage setup

In many modern styleside utes, the wheel arches create a lot of unusable space when installing a dog cage. It is common for dog cages to be 300-400mm narrower than tray widths in order to fit between the wheel arches. A solution to this problem is to raise the cage so we can span the full width of the tub. When dividing a cage, this is particularly helpful. Under the cage, you can either leave the space open or add a secure drawer to enhance its functionality.

We need to consider a number of design constraints before deciding whether this setup works for the vehicle and doggy passengers. The first concern is height – most utes require that we raise the cage 225mm or more in order to span over the wheel arches. Assuming we want to keep the cage under the vehicle roof height that leaves us with a cage height of approximately 700 – 750mm on most models. Sportsbars add another layer of complexity to the design. Our best results often require the sportsbar removed. However, we can still work with the sportsbar by reducing the cage height further or installing the cage behind it. Finally, roller covers generally do not work great with this setup. In most cases, the distances between the roller cover sides and the wheel arches are very similar. We would only recommend this setup with a roller cover when the additional storage of a raised cage is the primary desire.
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