Our 4WD canopy frames offer customers the ultimate in customization and functionality, without losing sight of style and class. All our canopies are custom built from the ground up to suit the specifications of your vehicle. Our decade long experience at making 4WD ute canopies has taught us no two utility trays are the same, so there really is no “one size fits all” solution, without jeopardizing style and durability

So by custom building, we can guarantee our customers satisfaction by tailoring the canopy to their exact needs during production. There are two main basics that all canopies evolve from, the Hard top style and the Soft top style. Once this decision has been made the options are endless……..

We offer a large range of accessories to complement our canopies, including heavy duty ute dog cages.


Our Hardtop Ute Canopies are the ideal choice for the person looking to add value to their vehicle by investing in a ute canopy thats going to give them strength and durability all while maintaining a look of style and class. The chassis of the frames are the end result of a decade of experience, delivering the strength necessary to survive the harsh conditions created by the vibrations of constant driving. The solid roof provides extra storage for camping trips, ladders, wood planks, spare tires or even small boats. The design allows for endless customization so that the ute canopy is sure to meet the needs of its owner. All our ute canopies are custom built to suit the intended vehicle with attention to the finer details being what separates us from the competition.

To find out how you too can have one of these great 4WD ute canopies call us now on 07 55253245 or click to enquire!


Our Soft Top Ute Canopies give customers a greater range in hight options than their Hard Top siblings, but don’t provide the benefit of a solid roof. Ladder racks are easily fitted to the Soft Top Ute Canopy allowing for the stowage of ladders and wooden planks. The Soft Top ute canopy can be fitted to almost any sized vehicle up to and including small trucks. It provides a waterproof environment for tradesman to store their tools and equipment or the perfect addition to the camping enthusiasts set up. A wide range of accessaries are available for viewing under the accessory section and as the frames are custom built to your vehicle for your needs, if there is a problem with fitting a ute canopy for your specific needs we can find the solution.

To find out how you too can have one of these great 4WD ute canopies call us now on 07 55253245 or click to enquire!