Big Cage for a Big Ute

Our custom cage in this example was designed to fit the all-new 2022 Hilux SR5. The client wanted to maximize the internal cage size, so we fabricated loadbearing rails to be installed above the tub to evenly distribute the weight. From here, the cage could be constructed as a complete unit, making it easy to remove when required. This cage is configured with a single lift-up door at the rear, so you are able to load large items when not transporting dogs. Since both the rear door and tailgate are lockable, security is never an issue.

Although this custom cage was designed specifically for the 2022 Hilus, the same principles can be applied to almost any tub-style tray. We can configure the cage like this one or with a top to bottom swing-out door or internal divider and double doors. Additional options that would still work with this ute cage include side access doors and a rope rail around the top for additional storage.
powdercoated pink dogcage Powder coating information for dog ute cages
Information and advise on powder coating. We discuss leadtime, colour selection and costs & benefits.
Custom Collage
Some of Our Best This is a nice and quick feature post highlighting some of
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dog cage with built in drawer on Hilux 2022 Hilux Dog cage with built-in drawer
Raised dog cage with built in draw installed on a 2022 Hilux
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Extra wide tapered cage to suit RAM Ute with secure draw underneath.